AeroBed Black Friday Deals UK 2017

AeroBed® – The original self-inflating airbed

When you use an AeroBed® bed, you get more than just an airbed. AeroBed® gives you a better night’s sleep and the most quickest and easiest way to turn any space into a guest room.

With over 20 years of experience, AeroBed® is the leading innovator of premium, stylish, technologically-advanced airbeds and one of the UK’s leading airbed brands. AeroBed provide premium quality products that deliver superior convenience, comfort, durability, and style both indoors and outdoors.

The range of airbeds offer single, double and king sizes, in the form of a mattress or raised bed. The strong electric pumps allow you to inflate the bed in less than 1 or 3 minutes, depending on the bed size.

During Black Friday 2015, our customers received our most premium Platinum Airbed range at prices reduced by -60%.

For Black Friday 2016 we expect to see similar discounts for the Platinum Airbed range.

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